Top 10 Hairstyles for Summer 2018

Hairstyle plays a major role in defining the personality of a person. Each hairstyle has a different vibe and a different story to tell. Hilary Clinton once said “If I want to knock a story off the front page, I just change my hairstyle”. As soon as summers arrive, most women celebrate it by changing their hairstyles. From long bobs to contemporary pixie cuts to invisible layers, a variety of hairstyles can be seen throughout the weather. So, today we are here with the ten best summer hairstyles that will help you keep looking fresh and beautiful all summer long.

Top 10 Hairstyles for Summer 2018

Shaggy Bob

#1 Shaggy Bob:

This boho hairstyle is light and airy, with a length short enough to make it ideal for the summers. Whether you have straight hair, wavy, curly, this hairstyle can add tons of volume to the crown of your head. It is safe to say that this is the most effortless hairstyle of this season. Just add a little bit of texture to your hair and you are good to go.


#2 Kardashian Braids:

Kardashians never fail to take over anything. Be it makeup, fashion or hairstyles. The Kardashian braids, also known as boxer braids, have taken over the social media by a storm and we know why. These tightly fixed Dutch braids on both sides of the head will help you keep your hair away from the face while making you look glamorously flawless. With this hairstyle you can beat the heat and Instagram’s algorithm like a pro.


#3 Pin straight Layers:

This classic hairstyle never goes out of fashion. Whether it is the 80s, 90s, Mid 2000s, or 2018, Pin straight hair with subtly layers is loved by women all around the world. This does not only give you a fresh look but also make your look more polished. You can wear your silky, pin straight down causally or wear it up in a modern ponytail and you are ready to head out.


#4 Sleek Top Knot:

Top knot is the ultimate summer hairstyle. This hairstyle can keep your hair away from your face and neck in an uber chic way. All you have to do to achieve this trendy hairstyle is to gather up all your hair in a sleek ponytail and then tightly wrap the remaining hair around the band of your ponytail. Tame the flyaways with a little bit of hairspray on your fingers or teasing brush and brush them towards the ponytail and voila, you are done.


#5 Messy Space Buns:

Summers are all about Coachella, casual bar-b-q parties, night outs, and road trips. For these occasions, messy space buns are the best hairstyles to go for. Making space bun is effortless and can be done within 3 minutes. These buns will help you beat the heat while still making a statement. How cool is that is that?


#6 Subtle Side Part:

The way you part your hair can make a big difference in your appearance. The kind of hair part that is between the centre and side part is delicate yet beautiful. It adds a casual and soft appearance to your overall look. This subtle side part looks amazing with loose curls or waves. No matter what hair length you have, this hairstyle is ought to add grace to your overall look. The best part? It takes less than a minute to achieve this effortless hairstyle.


#7 Effortless Ponytail:

No matter what season it is, ponytail is the hairstyle we all turn back towards. Celebrities all around the world opt for a sleek ponytail more than any other hairstyle. A ponytail hairstyle is versatile enough to be worn at every occasion and with every kind of outfit. Whether you wear your ponytail at the crown of your head or the nape of your neck, make sure your hair looks silky smooth and frizz free. Pro tip: Wrap a smooth section of your hair around the band of your ponytail to make it look more polished.


#8 Classic Side Braid:

On a bad hair day, classic side braid comes to rescue. This hairstyle will never fail to make you look gorgeous. This age-old classic can be glammed up in countless ways to match it with the event you are attending. This hairstyle is also the go-to option for students who prefer a quick morning routine. To make your look effortlessly chic, just casually pull out a few strands of hair from the sides to take your braided hair look up a notch.


#9 Fresh Beachy Waves:

Summer is all about fun trips t the beach with your friends. The best part about these beach trips is the casual waves we get in our hair, thanks to the ocean water and breeze. Just like each summer, casual textures, like beachy waves will definitely top the best hairstyles list this year. These waves can be mimicked in a few easy steps. Thoroughly brush your hair and add loose curls in alternate directions. Add a little bit of salt spray and scrunch your hair upwards. This will create the look of beachy waves that are perfect for summers.


#10 Half Up Ponytail:

Thanks to J-Lo this hairstyle is now every girl’s ultimate savior. A half up ponytail is effortlessly chic and takes a minute to achieve. This hairstyle looks perfect on all hair types, whether they are straight, curly, wavy, thick, or thin. Part your hair from the top of your ear and smooth out the top portion. Secure the half ponytail with an elastic and wrap a strand of your hair around it, and you are done! Gently tug the front portion of your hair for an added volume.

All these hairstyles can be worn in accordance with your mood and the occasion you are attending. Choosing a hairstyle that matches with your personality, season and outfit can bring out a polished version of you and you’ll be able to turn heads this summer, we bet!


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